Conditions of admissibility

When can my case be handled by the Consumer Mediation Service?

Your request must be complete:

Important information :

  • Did I leave my name, first name, date of birth, full address, telephone number and if applicable, my e-mail address?
  • Did I describe my case sufficiently clearly?
  • Did I add all the necessary information to my complaint: receipt, contract, statements, order form, delivery note, invoice,
  • Did I add all the elements in the exchange of contacts and information, between me and the trader?
  • Do I have clear expectations with regard to the Consumer Mediation Service? What is my specific proposal for a solution to my problem?
  • If I am represented by a third party: Did I add a power of attorney for that third party to my complaint form in order to ensure that that party can represent me directly in the Consumer Mediation Service?

Your request must meet various conditions for admissibility.

The Consumer Mediation Service will refuse your request if:

  • Your case was not previously submitted to the company.
  • Your case was lodged with the company more than one year ago.
  • Your case is anonymous or we are unable to identify the other party.
  • Your case is made up, hurtful or dishonourful;
  • Your case is already the subject of a legal action or has already been submitted to another qualified entity
  • The handling of your case would seriously jeopardize the functionig of the Consumer Mediation Service
  • Your case is incomplete